Best Birthday Return Gifts Under Rs 50 or Less in India [2018]

Are you looking for birthday return gifts under rs 50? Here, I've shared some interesting birthday return gifts ideas which you can get under fifty rupees. You can consider these return gifts for the upcoming birthday party in your family.
Birthday Return Gifts Under Rs 50 in India - Cover Image
When we think about giving a gift to someone, the gift ideas came to our mind are always expensive ones. But when you are planning to arrange return gifts, maybe you can't consider those expensive gifts because of the budget. Because here the number of gift items matters. But don't worry. There are lots of inexpensive gift items available on the market which does not look actually cheap. Here, in this blog post, I've made a list of such unique gift ideas which you'll get at a price below 50 rupees. And I think those who are going to get these gifts will like and enjoy these gifts very much.
You can buy these return gifts online from the site like Flipkart, Amazon etc. But bulk purchase will not be possible. In that case, you can use your relatives account to purchase more items.

Best Birthday Return Gifts Below 50 Rupees:

#1. Cartoon Characters Led Light Bracelets For Kids

Set Of 24 Assorted Cartoon Characters Led Light Bracelets
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These led light bracelets are very good options for return gifts for kids. The bracelet band is made of good quality rubber. Kids will be very excited by getting these led light bracelets with their favorite cartoon characters.

#2. Injection Style Ink Pen For Kids

Injection Style Ink Pen For Kids
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These injection style pens really look very unique. Kids will just love it. The pens come in with vibrant colors. It cost less than 50 rupees per piece.

#3. Cartoon Printed Haversack Bags For Kids

Cartoon Printed Haversack Bags
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The dimensions of these haversack bags are 14 x 11 inches. The material is non woven fabric. These bags are not appropriate for school bags. But can be used as goodie bags. The cartoon printing looks very attractive. Overall, It will be an excellent choice for birthday return gifts.

#4. LED Bracelet Watch For Kids

LED Bracelet Watch For Kids
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This silicone made let watch band suits both boys and girls. Size of the band is adjustable to any size. You can give this return gift up to 8-year-old boys and girls. Each piece will cost you around 50 Rs. Kids will be so happy by getting these colorful watch bands.

#5. Stylish and Attractive Pen Pouch For School Kids

Stylish and Attractive Pen Pouch For School Kids
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If you are looking for some attractive return gifts then you can consider these Pen Pouch. It will help school kids to organize their school items like pen, pencil etc. The quality is decent. The pack of 6 pen pouch will cost you around 300 rupees.

#6. Wooden Cute Animal Design Photo Frame

Wooden Cute Animal Design Photo Frame
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These wooden photo frames look very colorful. You can place it on a table or you can hang it on your wall. The wood quality is really good. It doesn't look cheap. Also, these photo frames are very light weighted. It will be a nice choice for return gifts in a birthday party.

#7. Stacking Pen Type Erasers For Kids

Stacking Pen Type Erasers For Kids
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These pen type erasers will best suit for kids from age 3 to 5 years old. The erasers are looking so colorful and it works well. The price of each piece is less than 50 rupees. School kids will like this very much. Good options for birthday return gifts.

#8. Foldable Sun Glasses For Kids

Foldable Sun Glasses For Kids
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You can give these foldable sunglasses as return gifts to kids below 5 years old. Kids will love it since it's a perfect fun gift for children. You will get 10 pcs balloons for free with this. The glasses come in random colors. Though these sunglasses do not seem durable, kids will be excited to get this.

#9. Burger Style Sharpener & Eraser

Burger Style Sharpener & Eraser
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This burger shaped sharpener looks very nice. Kids would love this definitely. It has two erasers in it. Best suits for return gifts on kids birthday party. Price is less than Rs 50 each piece. The erasers you'll get in ice-cream or french fries style. Overall, it's very innovative and value for money product.

#10. Maggy Gift Set For Kids

Maggy Gift set For Kids
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This Maggy Gift Set includes 1 Plate,1 spoon, and 1 fork. Plates and spoons are made of premium quality plastic. The plate size is 22*12cm. The quality of the product is pretty good. This colorful plates will make Maggy eating time for kids more enjoyable. This 50 rupees gift items will be a great choice for birthdays and other occasions as return gifts.