15+ Best Cycles Priced Below 5000 Rs. in India (Gear and Gearless)

Best Cycles Under 5000 Rupees - COVER IMAGE
If you are searching for the best gear cycle priced below 5000 rupees, then this article can help you. Because here I'll share some of the best single speed and gear cycles under five thousand rupees.

There are mainly two types of cycles - single speed and geared. If you are going to use your cycle in a place which is basically flat (no hills) and you are going to use it for short distance traveling, then a non-gear single speed cycle will be appropriate.
However, if you are going to cycling over bridges, hills for longer distance, then a geared cycle will be more appropriate. Please note that the maintenance and repairing cost of a geared cycle is higher than a non-geared cycle.

Best Cycles (Gear and Gearless) Under 5000:

1. Btwin My Bike

Btwin My Bike

Key Specifications of Btwin My Bike
Age Group:
15+ Years
Single Speed Non-Geared
Front Brake: Wire Brake | Rear Brake: Wire Brake
Tire Size, Frame Size
26 inches, 19.5 inch
14.2 kg
Domestic Warranty
2 Year

2. Hercules Frozo ZX (No Gear)

HERCULES Frozo ZX (No Gear)
Hercules Frozo ZX is a Non-geared (single speed) cycle which comes with 26-inch tire and 20-inch frame. The frame is made of steel and the weight of this cycle is around 30 kgs. 

Tires are tubeless and brakes type is V-brakes. You will get it at 80 percent assembled condition when you buy from online. 

The suspension is quite good on this bicycle. It provides 1-year domestic warranty on the product.


3. Hero Blade (Gear)

Hero Blade 26T 26 T 18 Speed Hybrid Cycle
If your height is 5 ft 4 inches to 6 ft 4 inches, then this cycle will perfectly suit you. The steel frame looks very strong and flexible. The frame size is 18" and wheel size is 26". 

The large tires make riding easily over all rough terrains. This bicycle comes with 18 Speeds Shimano Shifters. The V brakes on this cycle are very reliable. 


4. Hercules Roadeo A200 (No Gear)

Hercules Roadeo A200 (No Gear)
This is a 26T single speed recreation cycle ideal for a rider of 15+ age. The frame is of aluminum and size of the frame is 18 inches. It comes with good V-brakes which is very responsive. 

Since the frame is made of aluminum hence it is rust-resistance and suitable for wet weather condition. The threadless stem gives better control. 

It has a very good rear suspension which will give you comforts on rough terrains. One drawback is, it does not provide any mudguards.


5. Hercules Frozo ZX (Gear)

Hercules Frozo ZX (Gear)
Hercules Frozo ZX is an 18-speed gear cycle which has a 26-inch tire and 20-inch frame. The best part of this cycle is it has both front and back suspension. 

This cycle is ideal for 13+ boys and adults. The frame is made of steel and the weight of this bicycle is almost 30 kgs. Tires are tubeless and brakes type is V-brakes. 

You will get it at 80 percent assembled condition if you buy from online. This cycle comes with a 1-year domestic warranty.


6. Hero Spunky (No Gear)

Hero Spunky (No Gear)
This is probably the cheapest cycle available under ₹5000. This single speed cycle comes with V-brakes, robust tires, adjustable Stem which makes the riding experience very smooth. 

The steel frame looks durable and sturdy. As this is a single speed cycle, it is easy to maintain. 

It will suit boys of age between 12 to 19 years very well. One drawback is, no stand is provided with this cycle.


7. Brooks Myth  7S (Gear)

Brooks Myth 26 7S 26 T 7 Speed Recreation Cycle
This cycle has 7 speed Shimano gear system. The steel frame looks very stylish and sturdy. You can expect a smooth and quick gear exchange from this cycle while riding uphill or going down. 

It has V-brakes which will provide a quick and responsive performance. The wheel size of this cycle is 26 inch and frame size is 20 inch. 

This cycle is ideal for adult men and 13+ aged boys. Rider height of 155cm-180cm is preferable.


8. Brooks Myth SS (No Gear)

This is a non-geared single speed bicycle which looks very simple but stylish. This cycle is ideal for riders having a height between 155cm-180cm. 

The frame is made of steel and looks very sturdy and durable. Frame size is 20 inch and wheel size is 26 inch. Brakes type is V-brake. The weight of this cycle is 18 kg. 

You'll get 1 year of domestic warranty on this cycle.


9. Viva Ryde On (No Gear)

Viva Ryde On 26T Single Speed City Cycle
Viva Ryde On 26T is an ideal bicycle for regular use. It features a 19'' rigid steel frame that weight only 2.7 Kg. The PU saddle is comfortable and it has a quick release adjustment. 

The front & rear steel V-brakes will help you to navigate in crowded areas. The wheel size of this cycle is 26 inch and it'll perfectly suit for men having a height between 5 feet 4 inches to 6 feet 4 inches. 

Also,  this bicycle comes with PVC mudguard, directly mounted side stand, front Reflectors, fear Reflectors etc. This cycle is very affordable and that's the reason I've included this on our list of best cycles.


10. Hero RangerDTB-VX (Gear)

Hero RangerDTB-VX 26T 6 Speed Mountain Cycle
This cycle has Shinano 6 speed gear shifters. The wheel size of this cycle is 26 inch and the frame size is 19.7 inch. The frame is made of steel. 

This gear cycle is ideal for a cyclist with a height of 5 feet 4 inches to 6 feet 4 inches. The brakes type is V-brake. It has an integrated carrier at the back. 

Some other cool features of this cycle are it has front and rear suspension, adjustable seat, PU Saddle etc. 


11. Hero Octane Parkour (No Gear)

Hero Octane Parkour (No Gear)
This 26T mountain/hardtail single speed cycle is ideal for rider height 5.6 ft - 6.4 ft. The 17-inch frame is made of aluminum that makes this cycle lightweight. 

The robust fat tires make this bicycle suitable for trekking, mountain biking. The V-brakes are very effective which ensure safety for long distance ride. 

No mudguard is provided with the cycle which is a bad thing.


12. Hero Urban (No Gear)

Hero Urban 26 T Single Speed Mountain Cycle
This is a single speed non-geared mountain bike from Hero. This cycle is ideal for riders having a height of 5 ft 4 inches to 6 ft 4 inches. The frame materials used in this cycle is steel. 

Tire size is 26 inch and frame size is 18 inch. The large tires will help you to go smoothly on all surfaces. 

This bicycle is designed with V brakes.One good thing is this cycle comes with V-shaped mudguards. You must consider this if you need a bicycle under 5000 rupees from a brand like Hero.


13. Kross K-10 (Gear)

Kross K-10 26T 18 Speed Mountain Bike
Kross K10 is a rigid and robust bicycle which has Shimano 18 speed gear system. It has V-brake alloy lever and friction-free cable casings for effective braking. 

The frame size of this cycle is 18.5" and the wheel size is 26". Aluminum alloy rims have used for lighter weight and performance riding. If you buy it online you'll get it in the semi-assembled condition. Realy, this is a stylish and good looking cycle at an affordable price. 

One drawback is the gear shifting is bit noisy.


14. BSA Photon EX (No Gear)

This BSA Photon is a lightweight, nice looking bicycle at a very reasonable price. The frame size is 21 inch and it is very lightweight which ensure enhanced riding comfort. The wheel size is 26 inch and the tires used on the wheel is nylon made which is durable. 

The weight of this cycle is approximately 15 kg. Since this cycle has thin tires and less weight, you can expect fas comfortable riding experience from this cycle. The brakes are V-brakes. 

Anyone having a height above 5'2" can ride this cycle very comfortably.


15. Hero Next (Gear)

Hero Next 24T is a mountain bicycle designed for Suitable for boys of age group from 9-14. It features 17-inch steel suspension frame and 6 speed Shimano gear shifters. 

This cycle comes with mudguards which will prevent mud from dirtying your socks and shoes during rainy weather. The steel frame looks very sturdy and weight only 4.5 Kg. Also, it has a suspension fork that ensures riding comfort on a bumpy road. 

The PU Saddle has a nut-bolt adjustment so you can pull it up or bring it down.


16. Hero Panther (No Gear)

Hero Panther (No Gear)
Hero Panther 27.5 T single speed road cycle is an ideal cycle for commuting. It has caliper brake system which is very effective also. 

The air-filled rubber tires offer a smooth, comfortable ride.  The frame size is 23 inch and frame material is steel. The saddle is very comfortable. 

If you want to experience fast riding on rural trails and normal paved roads then this bicycle is ideal for you.


17. Hero Black Pearl (No Gear)

Hero Black Pearl 26T Bicycle
This is a single speed bicycle which has a very rigid steel frame. This cycle is ideal for rider height of 5'4" to 6'4". The weight of this cycle is around 16 kgs. 

The frame size is 19 inch and wheel size is 26 inch. It has a carrier on the back which can be removed if you need. The brake type is V-brake. 

The cycle looks very slick and slim. Overall. this is a decent cycle under 5000 rs.